Forever 21 has cosmetics line – “Love & Beauty”


  • Top row: “Loose Eye-shadow w/ Brush – Brush on our loose eye-shadow for beaming eyes. Just shake it up and apply freely, features a screw-on lid equipped with a tiny little brush. $2.80”
  • Bottom Row: “Love & Beauty Shadow Duos – Mix and match to create your unique look. These metallic shades are paired up in the hottest color combos of the season. $2.80”

70106866-0170106866-0270106866-0370106866-04-170106866-05How I found out:

Then the first link led me to THIS LINK

Open letter

makeup-1Makeup can be used for many different things. Daily makeup types are eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, blush/bronzer/foundation, and lipstick/lip-gloss.

But makeup has some “rules” that go with it:

1) Do not draw and cram on you eyeliner!!! If you do, you will look like a raccoon and that isn’t very attractive or appealing to the human eye. Eyeliner is there to help make your eyes “pop” or to make them more noticeable, not to give you dark circles or make you look like a raccoon.

2) You eyeliner is NOT there to replace or act as a substitute for eyeshadow. Therefore there is no need to go above your lash-line when applying eyeliner. What do you think eyeshadow is for?!

3) Your foundation/concealer should be YOUR skin color! If you apply foundation and or concealer that isn’t your skin color a little off. Why, because a) your face is gonna be tanner than other parts of your body, b) imagine seeing someone with a VERY tan face, but their neck is as white as winter snow, yeah, not very pleasing, and last c) you just going to look weird!!!

4) Keep the Amy Whinehouse cat eye look to a minimum for everyday use.

5) You don’t want your makeup to look overdone. You want it to look “natural”, not bulky, trashy, or clown-like.

6) If your wearing dark, or ruby red, or bright standoutish lipstick, carry around a mini mirror, you DEFINITELY DON’T want to be caught having marks of red stuck on your teeth, because quite frankly, its DISGUSTING (example of this is Paris Hilton, see bottom right picture below)

My last rule: don’t expect you makeup to look exactly and perfectly like the product model’s look. Remember, she has had professionals, stylists, and probably photoshop reworking her face so it looks perfect, flawless, pore-less.

NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!! FAIL!eye-makeupfall-2008-makeup-cat-eyesparis-hilton-lipstick-on-teeth